SOMA Labs Intros Metaconformer Modular MIDI Processor


SOMA Laboratory has introduced Metaconformer, a modular MIDI processor, designed to expand the capabilities of musical instruments and to simplify the interaction between a musician and their MIDI instruments.

Metaconformer lets you play music in new ways, by routing MIDI messages between your devices in musically useful ways.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The MIDI protocol is an efficient engineering solution used reliably for decades by musicians. However, in many situations it does not take into account the musical context, which is essential for the artist. Metaconformer changes this. Located between the MIDI controller and your instruments, it coordinates human ideas with the language of hardware.

Metaconformer’s capabilities provide new ways of playing instruments, by combining MIDI instruments and exploring their interaction . You will be able to play multiple instruments at the same time as if they were part of one larger instrument. Metaconformer also opens up the possibility of sound control through pressing the keys on your MIDI keyboard, instead of having to reach for the knobs on your gear. This will allow you to discover and unlock new facets and possibilities of your favorite instruments!

The idea behind the Metaconformer is to give musicians a new way of looking at their instruments and what else they can do with a little creativity in MIDI.”

Pricing and Availability:

Metaconformer is available now for 160 Euros.


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