SoundForce Intros SFC-OB USB MIDI Controller For Oberheim-Style Software Synths


SoundForce has introduced the SFC-OB, a class-compliant boutique USB MIDI controller designed for OB-style synth plugins.


  • 37 rotary pots, 41 switches and 45 LEDs streamline sound creation and performance. The controller sends out standard MIDI cc messages and can be used with any software that is MIDI-mappable. A web-based control panel app allows the user to change the cc messages number for each control, change the MIDI channel and load the different plugin modes.
  • Plugin modes – Although the controller can be used with any software that can be mapped to MIDI CC messages, the SFC-OB has been specifically designed to work with the most popular OB-style synth plugins. Set the controller to the right plugin mode using the control panel. This will ensure that every switch on the SFC-OB is fitting the plugin used as well as possible.
  • Build quality – The enclosure is made of 100% sheet metal. The case is made of bent steel and powder coated in black. The front panel is aluminum, also powder coated and screen printed with scratch-proof white and blue ink. Walnut wood side panels of 8mm thickness are fitted to both sides of the controller. On the electronics and firmware side, the controller is powered by the same STM32 Cortex-M micro-controller platform used successfully in previous products, insuring a very high level of compatibility with different computers, iPads and DAWs.
  • 2-way/1-way communication – As with previous controllers, users can enjoy 2-way integration using the latest Arturia OP-Xa V. This means that the controller interface can be updated when presets are changed in the plugin, when plugin instances are switched or even manually on demand. The controller even accounts for discrepancies between a plugin pot-position and a controller pot-position. This allows for an improved and tightly integrated workflow.

Pricing and Availability:

The SFC-OB is available now for 399 euros incl VAT (exact price will depend on your local VAT %) in the EU and 329 euros for customers outside the EU.

Perfect Circuit will be distributing the SFC-OB in the US, Signal Sounds in the UK, Cicada Sound in Canada and Dupertuis in Switzerland.


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