SoundForce Juno-based Chorus Modules Now Shipping


SoundForce let us know that they are now shipping 2 new Eurorack modules to complement the Juno-style range, in both the full format and the compact micro format: Chorus 6 and uChorus 6.

Both modules are classic Juno-style analog BDD chorus, using the Xvive MN3009 BBDs and the same audio path as the original circuit. They can do the classic I, II and I+II modes. I+II modes are available from both the Juno 6 and Juno 60, each in mono (as the original) or stereo, giving you 4 I+II options.

The 4HP uChorus 6 offers only the basic functionality but can give you classic chorus sound in minimal amount of space. Both modules are skiff friendly at a depth of 38mm.

The 14HP Chorus 6 offers the basic modes, but also additional manual and external modes that can take the module from sweet and pretty sound territories into weird and noisy soundscapes.

The manual mode gives you the opportunity to control every parameter of the chorus and gives you access to the LFO that modulates the BBD delay times. Options include:

  • Time slide pot: sets the start delay time
  • Rate slide pot and CV input : sets the frequency of the delay time modulation
  • Depth slide pot and CV input: sets the depth of modulation around the start time
  • Mix slide pot and CV input: sets the mix between the dry input signal and the BBD delays outputs
  • LFO wave: selection of different waveforms to modulate the delay time
  • Range: selection of 3 different frequency ranges for the LFO (S: 30Hz to 500Hz | M: 1Hz to 100Hz | L: 0.016Hz/1min to 10Hz)

In external mode, the delay times can be modulated using an external signal through the EXT IN cv input. Plug in a CV/LFO source from your eurorack case into the EXT IN, set manually the starting delay time using the time slider and use the EXT ATT slide pot to attenuated the incoming CV signal (equivalent to setting the depth). In external mode, the depth/rate sliders and CV inputs are not active.

Both modules can take Eurorack or Line input signals and either stereo or mono inputs.

Demo Video:

Pricing and Availability:

The uChorus 6 is available for 199 euros, including VAT. The Chorus 6 is available for 299 euros, including VAT.


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