Sounds Of The Make Noise XPO Stereo Prismatic Oscillator


Make Noise shared this set of audio demos for their new XPO Stereo Prismatic Oscillator.

The XPO Stereo Prismatic Oscillator is a Voltage Controlled Analog Oscillator designed for generating Sine waves, Triangle waves, Sawtooth and Spike waves, Sub-Octaves, Stereo Timbre Modulations (including Pulse Width Modulation and Wavefolding), Oscillator SYNC, Linear FM and more in the analog domain.

Video Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro and Title
0:20 Stereo Wavefolding
1:46 Stereo Vari-Timbre
3:10 Stereo Pulse Width Modulated Bassline
4:15 Stereo Frequency Modulation

Same Patch on Three Outputs:
4:43 1. Wavefolded
5:02 2. Vari-Timbre
5:22 3. Pulse Width Modulation

5:40 Low-pass filtered Wavefolded output, High-pass filtered PWM output
6:58 Vari-Timbre through Low Pass Gates
8:26 Stereo PWM
8:55 Mono PWM
9:46 FM Index Modulation
10:32 Vari-Timbre and Spike

Patchin’ with the Make Noise Crew
11:14 Patchin’ with Meg
11:43 Patchin’ with Sam
12:38 Patchin’ with Spenser
13:37 Patchin’ with Newt
13:58 Patchin’ with Jake

Check it out and share your thoughts on the Make Noise XPO in the comments!


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