Soundtoys Launches Black Friday Sale, With Discounts Up To 80% Off


Audio effects creator Soundtoys has launched their annual Black Friday Sale, with software prices up to 80% off through Dec 1st, 2023.

Deals include:

  • Soundtoys 5 $499 $249
  • 50% Off Upgrades
  • Effect Rack $299 $149
  • EchoBoy, Decapitator, Little AlterBoy and the new SuperPlate $99-199 $49 each
  • Free Little Plate
  • All Other Plug-ins $99-149 $29 each

“During Black Friday, we lower the price of our Soundtoys 5 bundle significantly, to make our effects more accessible to music makers, mixers and producers,” said Ken Bogdanowicz, founder and CEO of Soundtoys. “When Soundtoys effects are combined together in Effect Rack, the sonic possibilities and creative options are virtually endless. And the Soundtoys 5 bundle is more powerful than ever now with the new SuperPlate reverb in Effect Rack. It takes mixing to the next level.”

See the Soundtoys site for details on their Black Friday Sale.

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