ST Modular Intros Euphoria DIY Semi-Modular Analog Desktop Synthesizer


ST Modular shared a playlist of video demos, embedded above, to introduce their new Euphoria DIY semi-modular analog synthesizer.

Euphoria is designed to be built by ‘passionate builders’. It consists of fourteen individual circuit boards that are mounted on one controller board.


  • Two Voltage Controlled Oscillators with classic waveforms, waveshapers, sub- octaves and a noise source. Convenient sliding potentiometers for volume control of the waveforms. Based on the famous CEM3340 chip and a newly developed wave-shaping tone generator.
  • Dual Sequencers – Play notes with a 5-STEP trigger and CV sequencer and an additional 4-STEP CV sequencer. Transpose and change the length of a sequence, control the tempo via CV, add swing or sequence manually with the push of a button.
  • OSC Mix & Vari Boards – Seamlessly blend the oscillators manually or by CV. Insert external audio and pass it through the Filter or internal Reverb. VARI BOARDS are interchangeable boards, each offering a different functionality. Choose the VARI BOARD that meets your requirements.
  • DUAL LPG, VCA & ADSR – Each oscillator is processed by a filter- based low-pass gate (PLG) and both are optionally routed through an internal AC- coupled VCA. Use the internal ADSR envelope to shape and express your sounds.
  • Modulation & Tools – Get your sounds moving with the internal CV-controllable LFO and the Buchla 281e-inspired function generator. Multiply, invert and amplify your signals with a buffered multiple and an additional DC-coupled VCA.
  • Reverberation – Add depth to your analog sounds with the internal reverb unit. Connect either an Analog Spring Tank or a Digital Reverb Brick. Apply Reverb Feedback and control the Dry/Wet Portion via CV.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

ST Modular says that Euphoria is ‘coming soon’ and estimates total cost for the DIY build to be about 600€.


via Briac Diridollou


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