Steinberg HALion 7 Now Available, With New Synthesis And Modulation Options


Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of HALion 7, a major upgrade to its sample + synthesis platform.

Version 7 adds the power of FM and spectral synthesis, offers a new approach to modulation, envelope customization, many new processing effects and much more.

Here’s what’s new:

HALion 7 introduces two completely new zones: the FM Zone and the Spectral Zone:

  • Dedicated to FM synthesis, the FM Zone combines up to eight operators that can be used as carriers or sent to feedback loops, and its algorithm designer helps to create every imaginable FM sound — from classic DX7 tones to present-day sounds.
  • The Spectral Zone features a spectral oscillator with a newly developed time stretch and resynthesis algorithm, which works great even at extreme settings and also transforms samples into new sounds. But its true power unfolds with the included formant shift, spectral filter, purity and inharmonicity.

Further highlights of this new version are the instruments, FM Lab and Tales:

  • FM Lab is an eight-operator FM synthesizer that features algorithms from the Yamaha DX7, FM-X and TX81Z, 20 high-quality effects in a five-insert rack, many modulation options and an arpeggiator for creating evolving sounds.
  • Tales is an open-tuned guitar, with each string individually sampled as open notes and tuned to different pitches, plus recording
    articulations like muted notes and harmonics.

For easier workflows, HALion now features new modulation rows, allowing users to click directly on the modulation destination or source for further edits, as well as assigning modulation sources by easy drag and drop. The User Envelope now offers pre-designed shapes and allows customers to design completely customized envelope shapes as well.

Users also will enjoy the new look of HALion 7, thanks to an updated user interface and redesigned MediaBay, allowing for easier access to HALion’s content and controls. Its uncluttered structure and context-sensitive search make browsing for the right samples,
layers, programs and presets more efficient. Improved menus, zones and icons, the optional auto-size for macro view and preconfigured screen sets for different use cases also make using HALion faster and more intuitive.

HALion further focuses on wavetable synthesis, introducing new tools and providing a new dimension to the advanced synth engine. Users can create wavetables with up to 1,024 individual waves and load multichannel files in up to 5.1 surround. Its new set of tools offers maximum control and accuracy for wavetable editing.

Other new features are included in the Macro Page Editor, such as working deeply with SVG resources, for developing creative instruments.

“HALion 7 comes with endless sonic possibilities for music production and sound design. With the many additions like FM and spectral synthesis, new advanced tools, and outstanding instruments, HALion delivers infinite inspiration for creating unique sounds,” says Florian Haack, senior marketing manager at Steinberg.

Pricing and Availability:

HALion 7 is available now from selected dealers and through the Steinberg Online Shop for 349 euros and 349.99 US dollars. The HALion Sonic 7 Collection is available exclusively through the Steinberg Online Shop for 249 euros and 249.99 US dollars. Absolute 6 for 499 euros and 499.99 US dollars. Prices may vary according to the region.

A range of downloadable updates and upgrades, crossgrades, and education versions are exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop.


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