Stylophone Theremin Now Available To Pre-order


Stylophone today introduced the Stylophone Theremin, a new add addition to their family of portable electronic instruments.

The Stylophone Theremin builds on the original Stylophone design, being battery powered featuring simple sound controls. It adds an antenna for pitch control, but unlike traditional theremins, uses a trigger with envelope for volume.

The instrument also features a slider for precise note control, delay and vibrato effects, octave control, and various tone options.


  • Antenna for creating movement based sound
  • Slider for more precise notes and moving melodies
  • Create drones or trigger notes
  • Wobbly vibrato circuit
  • Echoing delay
  • Portable AA battery design
  • Built in speaker
  • Headphone and audio output
  • Can be used with a mic stand

Pricing and Availability

The Stylophone Theremin is available now for pre-order, priced at about $110 USD.


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