Supply Chain Problems End Another Eurorack Company, Synthwerks, LLC


Global supply chain issues have claimed another victim in the Eurorack world, Synthwerks, LLC.

The company has announced via social media and on its site that it is no longer in business.

Synthwerks’ James Husted shared this statement:

After 11 years or so of doing this, and with many mixed emotions, I am announcing  Synthwerks , LLC is leaving the Eurorack Module business. We have been selling niche modules in a niche business, and it is time to move on. Controllers and stand alone utility modules seem to be the last thing people buy for their rigs. Their rigs have to get big enough to want to control them remotely (tired of reaching through the spaghetti), or they are now playing out live, and need lights for their rig. Their money always usually gets spent on the newest sexy modules, and I don’t blame them.

With the latest disruptions in the parts supply chain, many parts now are not in stock at the vendors we use, or have minimum quantities that are beyond the finances and sales flow of small companies. Synthwerks  being one.”

Note: Synthwerks, LLC was a Seattle-based company that focused on Eurorack modules and should not be confused with the German company Synth-Werk, which makes clones of classic Moog modular systems.


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