Switchtrix Electronics VCSX-100 Is An Alternate History Sibling To The EMS VCS3


Switchtrix Electronics shared this teaser video for their VCSX-100 – a sort of alternate history sibling to the EMS VCS3.

Housed in a VCS3 style cabinet, it contains the following modules, all interfaced to 3.5mm jack sockets to connect to other VCS3/Synthi’s or modulars:

  • SYNTHI 100
    • Dual Random Voltage Generator
    • Multimode Filter
    • Four Mode Envelope Shaper/VCA
    • Eight Octave Filter Bank
    • Oscillators 1-3
    • Noise Generator
    • Ring Modulator
    • Input Amplifiers
    • Envelope Shaper/Trapezoid
    • Filter
    • Joystick

Details are sparse on the Switchtrix site, but the synth appears to be one of a boutique line of made-to-order EMS clones, along with original designs, that are inspired by vintage EMS synths. Details are still to come at the site.


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