Synth Presets For The Zoom MS-70CDR Effects Pedal


LFO Store has introduced Synth Rig for the Zoom MS-70CDR, a collection of 50 presets tailored to synths and electronic music making.

The  Zoom MS-70CDR is a hardware multi-effects pedal that’s popular with synthesists because it offers a wide range of basic digital effects, it’s stereo, it’s cheap, and it’s built like a tank.

Synth Rig features a variety of soundsets:

  • Delays – modern, vintage, lo-fi, pattern, combo
  • Modulation FX – different choruses, flangers & detunes
  • Reverbs & spaces – clean, big, cave, plate, mangled, combo
  • Unique & combo effects

All synced FX are fixed to 120 BPM, but you can change BPM using the grey metal button on the pedal.

Pricing and Availability:

Synth Rig is available now for €15.


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