Synthetic Sound Labs Intros Geo-Gruvn 6-Channel Euclidean Sequencer


Synthetic Sound Labs has introduced a new Eurorack module, the Model 2655 Geo-Gruvn 6-Channel Euclidean Sequencer.

The 2655 Geo-Gruvn is a six-channel, 16-step Euclidean rhythm / gate sequencer for Eurorack modular synths in only 6 HP.

SSL says that the Geo-Gruvn is inspired by the work of Japanese designer Hagiwo, and produced by SSL with permission. SSL says that they have also enhanced the hardware and software for better performance and improved functionality.

Each of the six output channels allow adjustment of:

  • Hits – The number of outputs generated, with Euclidean spacing.
  • Offset – Changes the starting point for the Euclidean sequence.
  • Length – The number of steps for this channel before resetting.
  • Mute – Turns on/off all outputs of the selected channel.

Editing is via a single rotary encoder, with simple visual feedback provided by a bright blue OLED display.

In addition to its extensive Clock / Sequencing related duties, Geo-Gruvn can respond to Clock inputs well into the audio range, so it can double as a 6-output frequency divider.

A Pattern Memory screen allows non-volatile storage for up to 8 pattern sequences.


Pricing and Availability:

The Geo-Gruvn 6-Channel Euclidean Sequencer is available now for $179.95 USD.


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