Synthetic Sound Labs Matrix Algorithmic Composer Offers A Modern Take On The Triadex Muse (Sneak Preview)


Synthesist John L Rice shared this sneak preview of an upcoming module from Synthetic Sound Labs, The Matrix Algorithmic Composer.

The Matrix is an algorithmic and deterministic event generator/sequencer, inspired by the rare Triadex Muse. The Triadex Muse is a rare algorithmic sequencer & synthesizer from the early ’70s, which creates sequences based on the position of 8 40-position sliders.

Like the original, the SSL Matrix can be used as a self-contained algorithmic sequencer & synthesizer.

The Matrix is also designed to integrate with MU format modular synth systems – and other analog gear – offering Clock and Reset inputs for syncing to other devices, and CV/Gate out for sequencing other synth voices.

Here’s another example of SSL’s The Matrix module in action:

Details on pricing and availability of SSL’s The Matrix Algorithmic Composer are still to be announced.


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