‘SYNTHRphony’ Performance Inspired By Klaus Schulze


This video captures a performance by Jean-luc Briançon (aka Kurtz Mindfields) of SYNTHRphony, fourth movement – a piece inspired by the music of Klaus Schulze.

The video-song style performance features elements recorded across four sessions. Here’s what Briançon shared about the technical details:

“This long hypnotic title uses both SynthR4 & SynthR3 in sequencers/paraphonic modes, internal delays, VCOs ranges & routing, and it is influenced by work of Klaus Schulze.

Session 1 & 3/ left : SynthR4 stéréo mono sequencer & SynthR3 on SL161 studiologic, A90ex Roland strings & pad, Big Ancestor NRSynth lead Moog,

Session 2 & 4/ Right : SynthR3 Monophonic bass, Hansy Mister M Phased strings & windpad on KX88, A90EX Roland OB pad, Big Ancestor NRSynth lead, SynthR3 effects & Moog Sub37 lead, ARP Pro Soloist, SynthR4 Paraphonic 4 voices.”


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