Tempera Granular Instrument Updated With New Features & Polish


Developers of Tempera – a tactile, cross-sample granular synthesizer and resampler – let us know that they’ve released firmware v1.5, an update that adds new features, along with ‘polishing’ and bugfixes.

Here’s what they shared about the most significant fixes in Tempera v1.5:

New per-emitter Tone filters

If you find that it’s easy to overwhelm your mix with all the grains and emitters, the new Tone filter is one way to deal with it. It consists of a stereo pair of 1-pole LP and HP filters and it has two parameters: Width and Center. It can work as a sweepable “DJ style” filter, or a smooth bandpass to give each emitter a place in the mix. Also it is a modulator destination! Big thanks for this goes to our Discord community who was key in finding a good way to do this in a way that’s useful and flowing with the rest of Tempera’s UI.

New modulator destinations

The v1.5 firmware adds a couple of of new modulator destinations: per-emmiter Volume, Grain size, Grain Density, and Tone. Over time we’ll keep adding more of these. Which parameters should be made modulatable in the next round?

Picking an audio slice from a long audio file

It is now possible to load a long audio file into Tempera (up to 5 minutes) and pick an up to 11s window from it to load into a Track. The new firmware also fixes some bugs with regard to audio file loading, and now supports various sample rates and bit depths.

Other things in a gist:

    • There’s now also a Random Name Generator to save time when saving canvases (no more AAAA.canvas!) Turtle Blues? Boring Sonata? It’s all in there!
    • Many new new global settings, like Velocity curve, Max volume, Audition volume, new recording mode Mix which blends half of old with half of new, adjustable Display brightness
    • Small things, like Round button + keyboard to show/hide the overlay keyboard, and a new Chromatic scale option
    • New Horizontal overlay keyboard variant

See the Tempera newsletter for details.


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