The Behringer BX700 Frankensynth Is Part DX7, Part CS-80 & Part Drum Machine


Behringer today shared a sneak preview of a new frankensynth, the BX700, that takes parts from classic analog and digital synths alike, adds a drum machine and remixes it all into a minisynth groovebox.

It’s a little bizarre, but also much more original than their straight-ahead knockoff designs.

Behringer describes the BX700 as “a DX7 on steroids, as it has an authentic CS-80 analog filter, a drum machine built in and a few other cool features.”

The BX700 appears to take a 6-operator FM synth engine, based on the Yamaha DX7, and run the output through an analog filter based on the Yamaha CX-80. This is similar to what Arturia did with the Minifreak, combining a polyphonic digital synth engine with a single analog filter, used more as a global effect than as a core part of the synth engine.

The Behringer BX700 prototype also features mute buttons for Synth, Bass, and three Drum parts, so it’s clear that the instrument has groovebox features that will let you sequence 5 parts.

Details on the Behringer BX700 synthesizer are to still to come. In the meantime, check it out and share your thoughts in the comments!


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