The Elyra Is Like A Crossover Between A Synth And A Guitar Or Bass


Bll Instruments shared this demo of the Elyra, a modern synth that is played like a guitar or bass.


  • Elyra is played with the typical gestures of playing guitar and bass and all the energy that comes from it. You play with your whole body. There are two strumming aera for strings, one dedicated to back and forth and another dedicated to bass and arpeggios.
  • Elyra is designed to be played by both right-handed and left-handed people.
  • You can also play it placed on a table or on your knees like a groove box.
  • With up to 16 voices polyphony, spread across 16 instruments/layers and with is powerful sequencer, Elyra is more than a groovebox, it is a composition tool. You can have one instrument with 16 voices or 16 instruments with one voice and everything in between.
  • Because Elyra is battery powered, you can carry it anywhere with you and play for several hours.
  • You can play and sequence all your other instruments via MIDI port.
  • At the core of Elyra there is a powerful and beautiful sound engine created by Kodamo. It is a virtual analog engine based on subtractive synthesis, with “just enough” FM synthesis to offer a vast sound territory.

Details on the Elyra are available at the Bll Instruments site.


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