The NAMM Foundation and the MIDI Association Launch of The MIDI Fund


News from The 2022 NAMM Show last week: The NAMM Foundation and the MIDI Association have announced the MIDI Fund, a new donor-advised fund within The NAMM Foundation.

As described in their announcement, the MIDI Fund will support projects and programs that “advance engagement in music-making and the varied and unique options to make, create and explore music made possible by MIDI,” the Musical Instrument Digital Interface that allows musical instruments to connect to computers, tablets, cell phones, and each other.

The first major project the MIDI Fund is focusing on is the development of a MIDI curriculum and certification program to raise awareness about MIDI in education at secondary and post-secondary schools, as well as for manufacturer and reseller staff members.

Current work includes:

  • Establishment of standardized, readily/publicly available MIDI education content
  • Creation, launch, and active management of a MIDI certification program

For more information about the MIDI Fund and to donate, please visit The NAMM Foundation website. For more information about MIDI, including the Core MIDI 2.0 Specs, visit The MIDI Association website.


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