The Programma 900 Harmonic Music Computer


Destiny Plus shared this video intro to their Programma 900 Harmonic Musical Computer.


  • Programma 900 has 6 polytonal voices, each featuring Odd harmonic, Even harmonic, Harmonic partials, Harmonic tilt and fundamental frequency control.
  • Four quadrant multiplication of individual voices
  • x32 complex gestural cv buffers allowing 6 min cv recording windows for all x32 mod destinations and voice envelopes
  • Individual modes for speed and attenuation for each x32 gestural cv buffer.
  • 3000 note MIDI record buffer and looper.
  • X3 location A-B-C / pan controls
  • Experimental Stereo regeneration / delay algorithm with over 12 min regeneration buffers, multiple regeneration modes & buffer filters.
  • 6x interpolating morphing inputs to each voice
  • Desktop app native to Mac OS X opens extra utilities on the hardware, including:
    • Multiple voice allocation modes
    • Pnp / drum mode
    • Dice/randomizing all hardware parameters
    • Grouping banks of parameters together per voice.
    • Calibration
    • Saving / exporting and importing / preset management.

For additional details, see the Destiny Plus site.


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