The Roland TR-909 Gets An Upgrade, After 40 Years, With Revolution 909 Mod


Addictive Instruments has announced Revolution 909, a third-party mod that brings new features to the classic Roland TR-909 drum machine.

The mod brings a wide range of bug fixes, workflow improvements and new features to the Roland TR-909. The mod is completely non-destructive and reversible, and is compatible with the Roland TR-909, the RE-909 and the SR-909.

New Features:

  • The 909 now has 32 Banks instead of two. Two of the 32 Banks are still accessible from the on-board v1 and v4 Firmware.
  • The 909 now includes an easily-accessible MUTE function. With this new feature, Internal and External Instruments can be muted as desired using the Main Keys. Muting and un-muting sounds disables the triggering of sounds, therefore with Internal sounds, already-triggered sounds will continue to play their envelopes, unlike when using the Instrument Level controls.
  • In TRACK mode the MUTE Layer is directly accessible and MUTEs can be programmed for each Measure. This allows you to program progressions or variations without having to create multiple copies of the same Pattern, with more or fewer Instruments.
  • An Automatic Sync selection mode (“AUT”) has been added. In this mode the machine synchronizes to the first type of Sync received (MIDI, DIN), otherwise the Internal Clock is selected. This is extremely useful during composition, as the 909 can play independently of your global setup (e.g. DAW) and resynchronize with it as soon as it starts receiving Clock again.
  • In PATTERN PLAY mode, a new feature called Instant Pattern Change has been added. This allows you to optionally switch from the currently-playing Pattern to a new Pattern instantly without waiting until after the Last Step.
  • In TRACK mode, the transmission of MIDI Song Select messages can be disabled, as can the reception and transmission of MIDI Song Position Pointer.
  • The MIDI Implementation has been completed. The transmission of System, Common and Mode messages can be individually disabled and the reception of these messages can be individually filtered. In PATTERN mode, BANKs and GROUPs receive and transmit MIDI Bank Select messages and MUTEs receive and send MIDI Control Changes.
  • Pattern Selection also now receives and transmits on a MIDI Note range, so you can externally record and play back a jam done in PATTERN mode.
  • All 32 Banks can be backed-up to your PC and restored via SysEx using the Rev.909 v5 SysEx Librarian, a Mac/Windows application.
  • This software also allows “Legacy” (v1/v4) SysEx backup files to be imported, and functions as a Revolution 909 Firmware Update tool.
  • The Current Bank, Global Configuration parameters as well as all Options are saved and recalled when the machine starts-up.
  • The Global Configuration and Options can also be backed-up and restored using the SysEx Librarian.
  • By holding certain key combinations at startup you can perform a Factory-Reset – or access the Bootloader – a special mode in which the v5 Firmware can be upgraded via MIDI. v5 is therefore open to other developments or fixes without ever opening your beloved 909 again!
  • For External MIDI Instruments, the Note Mapping is no longer static, and there is now a Mapping per-Bank.
  • In addition, each Ext. Inst. has is own MIDI channel/note/velocity as well as duration (note-length) parameters.
  • By assigning different channels to your other drum machines, for example, you could create a 27-sound drum kit and the sequencer of the 909 becomes the centerpiece of your rhythm track. In addition there are some pre- programmed and dedicated Mappings for some other machines, such as the 707 and 727.

Pricing and Availability:

Revolution 909 is available now for €249.00.


via Matrixsynth


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