This One ‘Thing’ Brings New Superpowers To Moog DFAM


Bribery’s Production House shared this overview of the Serendipity Synthesizers DFAM Thing, a third-party device that adds a variety of useful capabilities to the DFAM sequencer, including:

  • MIDI integration — clocking and individual step play,
  • Reset — manual, via CV or via MIDI,
  • Variations in the step order — Forward, Reverse, Bounce, Odds & Evens, Shuffle, Random and Custom
  • Changing the sequence length — 1 to 8 steps (up to 16 steps for a custom step order)

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:28 DFAM Problem
2:19 DFAM Thing
3:10 Seq Reset
4:30 Additional Features
6:20 Reverse mode
6:50 Align Step 1
8:00 Additional Modes
9:05 Play As Keys
10:25 MIDI Mode
12:40 Super Fast Speeds
18:05 Length Change
19:52 Clock Division/Multiplier
21:52 Wrap Up
23:20 LuRk UrN SurbScRiBe

Details on pricing and availability for the DFAM Thing are to be announced. See the developer’s site for details.


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