Tone Science Module No.8 Captures Five Modular Synthesists Performing Live


Electronic music label DiN has announced Tone Science Module No.8, the latest in their series of albums exploring modern modular synthesis.

The first seven volumes in the Tone Science series have featured music from 63 musicians, and showcases the huge range of music now being created around the world with modular synthesizers.

The eighth volume documents the the inaugural Tone Science Live concert, which took place at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool, on the evening of 22nd April 2023.

The event featured five modular synthesists, who eached performed solo, before joining together for the finale.

Here’s what the label about the event:

Field Lines Cartographer opened the evening with a beautiful set full of glistening textures and pulsating oscillations. Next came Nigel Mullaney with a more upbeat performance, featuring the famous “Pale Blue Dot” speech from Carl Sagan which seemed very appropriate as the 22nd April was Earth Day. After a short interval, Polypores took to the stage with a breath-taking display of modular synth virtuosity, with him constantly shifting and morphing the myriad sequencer patterns and tones emanating from his modular system. DiN label boss Ian Boddy followed with a sonic trip through four ambient sections, seamlessly mixing minimal ambience with vibrant pulsing sequencers before falling away to a tranquil conclusion. After another short break, Scanner played a stunning set featuring field recordings and disarming vocal samples and building up a monumental industrial rhythm from the simplest of ingredients.

The evening ended in fine style with all five musicians taking to the stage and performing an ambient drone piece inspired by the early American minimalist composers. At the helm was Scanner, mixing and shaping the overall sound of the music as it slowly grew in intensity to fill the hall with a mesmerising wash of tones. A fitting end to what was a fantastic evening of music from five musicians coaxing such varied and beautiful sounds from their small modular systems.

Tone Science Live DiN:TS08 is available now via Bandcamp. The CDs are limited to an edition of 500 copies. You can preview the album below:


01 TSL Set 1 by Field Lines Cartographer 23:43
02 TSL Set 2 by Nigel Mullaney 27:44
03 TSL Set 3 by Polypores 22:42
04 TSL Set 4 by Ian Boddy 23:58
05 TSL Set 5 by Scanner 28:45
06 TSL Set 6 by Tone Scientists 23:58

Total Time: 151:00


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