Unknown Devices Intros Topo T16 Compact Expressive MIDI Controller


Unknown Devices has introduced the Topo T16, a compact MIDI controller that offers three “play modes”, each of which you can customize.

The modes include:

  • In Keyboard Mode, Topo makes full use of its pressure sensing ability to convert your finger movements to Velocity and per-note Pressure Midi Messages.
  • In Joystick Mode, the keys control a virtual cursor on an XY plane, sending CC messages.
  • Fader Mode transforms the device into a 4-channel control surface, with each column of keys acting as individual faders.

4 independent banks allow you to store and recall your favorite setups.


  • Expressive and compact Midi controller with pressure-sensitive keys
  • 16 magnetic-sensing keys with velocity and aftertouch
    Touch-strip for controlling mode-related
  • Keyboard, Joystick, and Fader play modes
  • 4 Memory Banks, each with it’s own settings
  • Highly Customizable, from the layout to the response curve
  • WebMidi-based configurator for deep customization
  • USB-C for power and midi in/out
  • MIDI TRS output, both A and B modes supported
  • Experimental OSC support
  • 3d printed, high quality case, STLs available for free

Pricing and Availability:

The Topo T16 is available now for 159,00€ excl. vat.


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