Using BLEASS Multiband Compressor To Add Loudness & Power


BLEASS shared a pair of videos, demonstrating how its new Multiband Compressor for desktop & iOS (AUv3) can be used to loudness, power and punch.

By separating your audio into three frequency bands, and processing each band independently, BLEASS Multiband Compressor can ensure that loud passages and transients in one frequency range do not impact on how the other bands behave. This eliminates the “volume pumping” effect often exhibited by broadband compressors, making it perfect for processing drum kits, synths, pianos, full mixes and stems.

The first video, above, demonstrates kick, sidechain and drums processing.

The second video, below, is a video tutorial to Multiband Compressor and its capabilities:

Pricing and Availability

Multiband Compressor is available now for download now via the BLEASS webstore, with an intro price of $19.99 USD, normally $29. The iOS version, for iPhone and iPad, is available for $6.99 via the Apple App Store.

See the BLEASS website for more information.


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