Vintage Synth Review Of The Casio CZ-5000


In the latest Josh Is Making Music video, Josh takes a look at one of Casio’s rare vintage professional synths, the CZ-5000.

Casio is best known for its consumer keyboards, but over the years it has also ventured into making pro gear. Many synthesists are familiar with Casio’s iconic CZ-101, which an early consumer synth that was both affordable and powerful. But in the ’80s, Casio also ventured into pro electronic music gear, with keyboards like the CZ-1, CZ-5000 & the FZ-1 sampling keyboard.

Video Summary:

“The Casio CZ-5000 is such a cool and interesting synth. Although the Phase Distortion synthesis is a great feature on its own, the addition of that 8-track sequencer is killer. I wish Casio would do a modern remake of the CZ-5000. With a higher-quality screen, expanded patch memory, and velocity and aftertouch, a CZ-5000 revival would be amazing.”

Should Casio bring back its CZ line? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!


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