Vintage Synth Sounds For The Sequential Prophet X


Synthesist Espen Kraft has created a new sound library for the Sequential Prophet X, inspired by the sound of over 20 different vintage synths.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“Every sample in here has been recorded by me personally and sounds exactly how I want them to sound.

Many of the samples are velocity layered multi samples, some upwards of 30-50 samples per sound, while other sounds are just ONE sample, stretched over the entire keyboard. It all depends on how I want the sound to sound. 80s samplers always stretched the samples which gives it a characteristic sound and sometimes I want THAT sound to come through.”

The pack is about 1.5Gb in size and includes the following patches:

U4 P1 Juno-106 Classic Pad
U4 P2 Matrix-12 Stri6
U4 P3 Fat Rhodes 4L (4L= 4 velocity layered multi-samples)
U4 P4 Six-Trak Poly1
U4 P5 DW8K Breath Pad
U4 P6 JX-8P Piano
U4 P7 Kawai K3 Dream Piano
U4 P8 Korg M1 House Piano
U4 P9 D-50 Empty Rooms Piano
U4 P10 Korg M1 Rhodes Piano
U4 P11 D-50 Walk of Life Organ
U4 P12 D-50 DDT Organ & Bell
U4 P13 Kawai K3 85 Strings
U4 P14 D-50 Human Bell
U4 P15 TX802 Slow Bells
U4 P16 JX-8P Soundtrack
U4 P17 JX-8P Low Strings
U4 P18 JX-8P 1984 Again
U4 P19 Korg M1 AIR Brass
U4 P20 D-50 A F R I C A
U4 P21 Juno-106 Hi Strings
U4 P22 Juno-106 SAW Strings
U4 P23 Juno-106 PWM Strings
U4 P24 Juno-106 Poly 1
U4 P25 Juno-106 Poly 2
U4 P26 Juno-106 Bells 1
U4 P27 Juno-106 Bells 2
U4 P28 Juno-106 Bells 3
U4 P29 Juno-106 Bass 1
U4 P30 Juno-106 Bass 2
U4 P31 Juno-106 Bass 3
U4 P32 Juno-106 Bass 4
U4 P33 Juno-106 Bass 5
U4 P34 PPG2.2 Dig Bell
U4 P35 PPG2.2 Dig Bell 2
U4 P36 PPG2.2 Strings 1
U4 P37 PPG2.2 Strings 2
U4 P38 PPG2.2 Brass
U4 P39 PPG2.2 Lead HP
U4 P40 PPG2.2 Cinema
U4 P41 Six-Trak Strings 1
U4 P42 Six-Trak Strings 2
U4 P43 Six-Trak UniLead
U4 P44 Six-Trak HobbitLead
U4 P45 Six-Trak UniBass 1
U4 P46 Six-Trak UniBass 2
U4 P47 Six-Trak Brass
U4 P48 MicroFreak Strings 1
U4 P49 MicroFreak Strings 2
U4 P50 MicroFreak Bass 1
U4 P51 MicroFreak Bass 2
U4 P52 MicroFreak Bass 3
U4 P53 Jupiter-8 Brass
U4 P54 Jupiter-8 Brass 2
U4 P55 Jupiter-8 AXEL-F
U4 P56 Jupiter-8 VeloBrass
U4 P57 Jupiter-8 ARP 1
U4 P58 Jupiter-8 ARP 2
U4 P59 Jupiter-8 Bass 1
U4 P60 Jupiter-8 Bass 2
U4 P61 Jupiter Anthem 1
U4 P62 Jupiter Anthem 2
U4 P63 JX-3P Brass
U4 P64 JX-3P Strings 1
U4 P65 JX-3P Strings 2
U4 P66 JX-3P ARP 1
U4 P67 JX-3P ARP 2
U4 P68 JX-3P Slow Brass
U4 P69 JX-3P Japan
U4 P70 TX802 Miami Vice 4L
U4 P71 TX802 Bamboo Piano
U4 P72 TX802 E Piano 4L Stereo
U4 P73 TX802 E Piano 16V 4L
U4 P74 Matriarch Bass 1
U4 P75 Matriarch Bass 2
U4 P76 Matriarch Bass 3
U4 P77 Matriarch Bass 4
U4 P78 Matriarch Bass 5
U4 P79 Matriarch Lead 1
U4 P80 Matriarch Lead 2
U4 P81 Matriarch Lead 3
U4 P82 Matriarch Lead 4
U4 P83 Matriarch PadString 1
U4 P84 Matriarch PadString 2
U4 P85 Solaris Bells
U4 P86 Solaris Hybrid Sting
U4 P87 Solaris Hybrid Quit
U4 P88 Solaris Crispy Suit
U4 P89 Solaris Hybrid Chor
U4 P90 Memorymoog Brass
U4 P91 Memorymoog Strings
U4 P92 Floating Church
U4 P93 Wonky & Beautiful
U4 P94 Digital Drone
U4 P95 Elf Distortion
U4 P96 Oakenshield
U4 P97 Morning Dew
U4 P98 Ambiance
U4 P99 Synth Strings
U4 P100 Mother Susperiorum

Pricing and Availability:

The sound library is available now for $35 USD. For details, see Kraft’s Youtube page.


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