Waldorf Iridium Synthesizer In-Depth Review


In his latest loopop video, synthesist Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Waldorf Iridium synthesizer.

The Waldorf Iridium synthesizer is a new desktop synth design that shares many of the features of Waldorf’s flagship Quantum synthesizer. The Iridium offers twice the polyphony of the Quantum, but uses digital filters vs the Quantum’s analog filters.

The Waldorf Iridium is a 16-voice duo-timbral polyphonic synthesizer. Each voice features three oscillators, which can be any of five different oscillator types, dual stereo digital filters and a wide range of performance controls.

Topics covered:

0:00 Into
0:50 Disclosure jam
1:40 vs Desktop
2:35 4×4 pad matrix
4:00 Poly aftertouch
6:50 Macro buttons
8:05 Play section
8:25 Seq | Arp
8:45 Chord latch
9:25 Latch
10:10 Knobs
11:45 Mod mapping
12:20 Connectivity
13:05 vs Quantum
13:45 Price
14:10 Full tutorial?
14:50 A FEW TIPS
15:10 Templates
17:25 Osc intervals
18:35 FX mods
19:10 MIDI learn
20:00 Pros & cons
23:15 Some sounds

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the Waldorf Iridium in the comments!


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