Waldorf Quantum & Iridium Firmware 3.0 Brings ‘A Ton Of New Features’


Waldorf has released version 3.0 of the Quantum & Iridium firmware, offering “a ton of new features.”

Waldorf says that the common platform for all Quantum and Iridium models makes sure that all hardware variants will participate from future developments. It’s Waldorf’s Synthesizer OS powering forward-looking instrument designs.

Quantum / Iridium Firmware 3.0 Feature List (compared to version 2.8):

  • Quantum (MK1 & MK2)
    • Added 8 additional digital-only voices to increase polyphony up to 16.
    • New “Voice Allocation” mode on Layer/Voices page to choose from various analog, digital and mixed modes.
    • Gain staging has been adjusted to new increased polyphony of 16.
  • Oscillators
    • New “Mix” Screen providing levels, pans and destinations for all 3 oscillators.
    • “Control” renamed to “Pitch & Tools.”
    • New “Min Note” and “Max Note” parameters per oscillator.
    • For Mono Mode: New “Mono Retrig” parameter to force oscillator to retrigger when previous note is still in release.
  • Wavetable Oscillator
    • Re-organizing some parameters into new “Mode” sub-screen.
    • Now all parameters from hardware controls are also available on the display.
    • New Wavetable FX “Truncate” and “Reduce” will perform value quantizations similar to bit reduction.
  • Waveform Oscillator
    • New Noise modes “Pings” and “Geiger.”
    • Both noises react to “Reset Phase” parameter.
    • Noise is now stereo and width is controlled by “Stereo” parameter.
    • Resonator Oscillator
      • Re-organizing some parameters into new “Exciter” sub-screen.
      • Now all parameters from hardware controls also available at display.
      • “Track Pitch” option for samples to disable pitch tracking (in Samples->Edit).
  • Sequencer
    • New popup selector styles for quick access.
    • Increased maximum step count from 32 to 64.
  • Samples
    • “Mods only” option for “Track Pitch” in sample map.
    • “Track Pitch” sample options also for Particle Oscillator.
    • Increasing maximum samples per round-robin zone from 8 to 128.
  • LFOs
    • New “polarity” parameter for unipolar option.
  • Modulation Matrix
  • Encoder Menues
    • New popup selector styles for quick access.
  • Effects
    • New Tremolo FX.
    • New effect routing algorithms.
  • Drive
    • New drive type “Cuff” for FX and Digital Former.
  • MIDI
    • “Apply Split to Inputs” option in Global->MIDI->Inputs.
    • “Send NRPN” option in Global->MIDI->Outputs.
    • Sustain & Control Pedal now adhere to local off & MIDI Out.
    • XY pad sends midi CCs.
  • Iridium Desktop
    • New option in Global->MIDI->Inputs:
    • “Latch” button will also latch incoming notes from external controller.
  • Global->System->Info –
    • The beta number is now displayed in Global->System->Info in case it’s a beta.

See the Waldorf site for details.


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