Wavefonix Procyon Monophonic Synthesizer Sneak Preview


Ahead of Superbooth 2023, being held in Berlin May 11-13, Wavefonix shared a sneak preview of their upcoming Procyon monophonic synthesizer.

Wavefonix makes a variety of analog Eurorack modules, along with complete Eurorack systems.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“We’d like to introduce you to our first dedicated monophonic synthesizer – the Procyon (still a work in progress).

It will feature two CEM3340 VCOs, a SSI2140 VCF, MIDI interfacing and a wide range of modulation capabilities, including Eurorack compatible CV inputs.”

In addition, they announced two polyphonic Eurorack modules, the P402 Poly-4 VCO and P403 Poly-4 Signal Processor.:

The modules, along with others, allow you to build a compact and versatile 4-voice polyphonic Eurorack system.

  • The P402 Poly-4 VCO is the smaller sibling of their P802 Poly-8 VCO. They’ve added common controls, allowing for global control of all four VCOs.
  • The P403 Poly-4 Signal Processor adds a mixer, VCF and VCA elements to each voice, with a wide range of modulation potential.

Details are still to be announced at the Wavefonix site.


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