Why Did Behringer Drop The Price Of Its Oberheim OB-Xa Knockoff $300 After A Week?


Why is Behringer slashing pricing of its UB-Xa synthesizer – a knockoff of the Oberheim OB-Xa – barely a week after it was officially introduced?

The Behringer UB-Xa made its official debut last week, with a $1,499 USD price, after nearly six years of teasers and sneak previews. The company is marketing the UB-XA as an “authentic reproduction of the classic OB-Xa, including original factory patches”.

Behringer announced today, though, that it has cut the price of the UB-XA synthesizer by $300, dropping the price to $1,199. The company gave this as the official reason:

“The entire Behringer team has decided to donate their earnings and even more to the charity “Playing for Change” as they share our vision to empower less fortunate people.

We are offering the UB-Xa for a price way below the actual value. If you can, please consider donating the balance or any amount in between to the foundation, and we will double your donation up to an additional $1,000,000.

We believe there’s a musician in every human being. Our mission is to empower those who have not and cannot.”

Based on the company’s message, sales of the UB-Xa will not directly support the non-profit, but Behringer plans to match donations of UB-Xa buyers.

The Playing For Change Foundation is a global nonprofit organization, with the mission of offering creative opportunities for marginalized youth, most specifically in the developing world.


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