Why Is The Oberheim Xpander, A 38 Year-Old Design, Still One Of The Most Respected Synths Ever?


In his latest video, synthesist Alex Ball takes an in-depth look at the Oberheim Xpander, considered to be one of the most capable non-modular synthesizers ever created.

38 years after it was originally introduced, the Xpander is still one of the most flexible synth designs ever created. Why?

The Xpander paired digital control with analog circuits and extremely flexible patching and modulation.While some synths offer 1 LFO per voice, the Xpander featured 5 LFOs per voice. Where many modern synths offer a low-pass filter, the Xpander features very flexible multi-mode filters. Patching options are flexible enough that many users think of it as a modular synthesizer, without the patch cables.

The Xpander is also 6-part multitimbral, which means that you treat the Xpander as 6 separate monophonic synthesizers, letting you create complete arrangements on a single synthesizer.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the Xpander in the comments!


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