Wide Blue Sound Audio Plugin Uninstaller Updated & Available As A Free Download For macOS


Wide Blue Sound has announced availability of the v1.1 update to its Audio Plugin Uninstaller, described as the easiest way to uninstall audio plug-ins on a Mac.

Two modes of operation are designed to make the app easy to use:

  • Uninstallers mode works by reading the original installation receipts and reversing the process, making sure not to uninstall files used by other plug-ins; and
  • All Plugins mode, which can delete any plug-in.

Additionally, All Plugins mode includes Filter by Plugin Format, a new drop-down menu that filters by a specific format, allowing users to remove the formats they no longer use, or simply monitor how much hard drive space they are using. Reveal in Finder — accessed by right-clicking on a plug-in — makes it easy to manually quarantine a plug-in while troubleshooting.

Audio Plugin Uninstaller is a standalone app that works with all audio plug-in formats — including AAX, AU, CLAP, RTAS, VST, and VST3 — and is currently available to download for free from the Wide Blue Sound website.


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