WoodTroller v1.0 Turns Your iPad Into An MPE Keyboard


Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio has introduced WoodTroller v1.0, a new app/auv3 plugin that turns your Mac or iOS device into an MPE MPE multi-touch bar keyboard and MIDI macro controller.

The MPE touch bar supports multiple notes (on iPad) with individual pitch shift (horizontal movement), pressure and CC74 (vertical movement). Number of notes visible, center note and pitch end values for MPE and non-MPE can be user set.

WoodTroller has 8 general purpose rotary controls:

  • Each can send 6 different CC messages to different channels.
  • Each of the 6 command values can be mapped differently to the full rotary range.
  • So 1 rotary can control several parameters on the same or on different instruments.
  • Rotary names, color, unit, range can all be user set.

WoodTroller also has 8 general purpose on-off or push buttons :

  • Each button can send up to 8 different midi commands (CC, PC, NoteOn, …) to different channels.
  • This allows to quickly switch multiple midi instruments or devices to another program or to other settings.
  • Each midi command’s data value can be auto incremented/decremented.
  • All button names, color, type can be user set.

All settings can be stored in presets in iCloud, which allows for automatic preset syncing between several WoodTrollers on different devices.

WoodTroller is available as stand-alone app and as AUv3 plugin. The developer says that it’s mainly meant for iPad, but also runs on MacOS (single touch).

Pricing and Availability:

WoodTroller is available now for $11.99 USD.


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