Yamaha Debuts ‘Next Generation’ Genos2 76-key Arranger Workstation



Yamaha has introduced the flagship Genos2, a ‘next-generation’ arranger workstation.

“This instrument sounds mind-blowingly good and features technology that sets a new bar for arranger workstations,” says Ben Harrison, product marketing manager, keyboards at Yamaha Corporation of America. “For players, it will be instantly apparent how incredible they can make their music sound and how intuitively and effortlessly that can be achieved.”

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The 76-key command station allows users to become the ultimate authority over all aspects of their music. The Style Dynamics feature offers control over every nuance of accompaniment, from the softest whisper of a backing band to its roaring crescendo. Users can also customize their experience with enhanced real-time control of songs with knobs, sliders with position indicator LEDs, a Chord Looper, Style Restart and Color Touch Screen, and more.

Additionally, the innovative Real Ambient Drums feature brings styles to life, encompassing the feel and atmosphere of live drums in various settings. Users can instantly shift from the raw intensity of a direct drum beat to a cavernous echoing room. For solo performers, the AI Chord mode intuitively guides accompaniments based on what is played, emulating the performance of a full band with every note.

Through its dual tone generator (AWM and FM), the Genos2 offers the widest variety and highest quality of Voice & Styles, providing an unparalleled depth and breadth of sounds. Its expansive genre library, featuring the widest range of genres to choose from, delivers endless avenues for users to fuel their creative expression. Instrument sampling and vertical integration guarantee superior consistency and quality for authentic sound.

The Genos2 also has a professional-grade microphone input with studio-quality effects engineered to refine and amplify a musician’s voice. Users can also follow along to their favorite songs with the option to display karaoke lyrics on-screen or via HDMI output.”

Pricing and Availability:

The Yamaha Genos2 is available now for $6,599.99.


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