Yamaha MODX+ Synthesizers Offer Increased Memory, Greater Polyphony & More


Yamaha has introduced the MODX+, a major update to their MODX line of portable synthesizers that brings the synth’s capabilities closer to their flagship Montage line.

The updated MODX+ line features three keyboards: MODX8+, MODX7+ and MODX6+. Each of the synths offer more memory, greater polyphony and improved haptics over their MODX counterparts.

Yamaha MODX+ Upgrades

The three new synthesizers feature 1.75 GB of internal flash memory, an upgrade of 75 percent compared to the original models, giving you more space for custom samples and synth sound libraries. The MODX+ synths also offer more polyphony, with 128- note stereo AWM2 and 128-note FM-X polyphony.

Yamaha says that they’ve also improved the line’s haptics, by rubber-coating both the modulation and pitch bend wheels for better grip and control, giving the MODX+ more of the Montage feel.

Other Features:

The MODX+ improvements build on an already-powerful synth engine.

MODX+ still features both sound engines: AWM2 stereo samples for natural-sounding instruments, and FM-X frequency modulation synthesis for synth sounds. The MODX+ also allows for up to 13 simultaneous Dual Insert effects and three additional Master effects to shape your sounds.

Seamless Sound Switching prevents notes from cutting off when switching to a different performance. The extensive sound library covers original sounds as well as compatibility with MONTAGE, MOTIF XS/XF, MOXF and even DX and TX sounds (via the free FM converter on YamahaSynth.com). With Motion Control and a programmable matrix, these sounds can be dynamically performed, mixed and combined.

Three Yamaha MODX+ Models:

The Yamaha MODX+ series features three different models, with keyboards tailored for different types of players:

  • MODX6+: features 61 semi-weighted keys for sound designers and producers wanting deep synthesis capabilities;
  • MODX7+: features 76 semi-weighted keys for keyboardists needing a wide variety of sound, including all the layering and splitting they might need.
  • MODX8+: features 88 graded hammer keys for players that want an authentic acoustic piano touch.

Prices and Availability:

The Yamaha MODX8+, MODX7+ and MODX6+ are available immediately, with the following pricing:

  • MODX6+: $1,699.00
  • MODX7+: $1,999.00
  • MODX8+: $2,499.00


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