Yamaha Teases ‘Next Generation’ Montage Synthesizer


Yamaha has shared a sneak preview of a new ‘next generation’ Montage synthesizer.

In July, the company announced that they were retiring the original Yamaha Montage. At the time, they said that a next generation Montage will be coming in October.

The Montage, originally introduced in 2016, has been Yamaha’s flagship synthesizer, offered with three types of keyboards. In 2018, they introduced the MODX, a mid-range keyboard synth line, based on the same technology platform as the Montage.

Yamaha has also shared some audio demos of the new synth:

More audio demos are available at the YamahaSynth site.

An official announcement on the new ‘next generation’ Montage line is expected to come next month.


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