Yamaha’s New CK Stage Keyboards Combine Power & Portability


Yamaha has introduced the new CK Series of stage keyboards, designed to deliver the great sound of their CP Stage Piano & YC Stage keyboards in a portable design.

CK combines the sounds of the Yamaha CP Stage Piano, with the organ and synth-focused engine of their YC keyboards. Like Yamaha’s Reface line, the CK series is lightweight, and features built-in speakers and the option to run on battery power. So, it’s easy to take the keyboard anywhere and play it, whether that’s to your couch or to a gig.

The Yamaha CK series features two instruments: the CK61, which offers a five-octave keyboard; and the CK88, which offers a full 88-note keyboard.

We got a preview of the new CK series from Yamaha Senior Product Manager Nate Tschetter, who highlighted the portability of the two new keyboards. They offer the great sound and playability that musicians expect from Yamaha keyboards, but the CK61 weighs about 12 lbs, and the CK88 about 29 lbs.

They also offer what Yamaha describes as a “1-to-1 interface” – a hands-on front panel with dedicated effects and synth controls, so the keyboard is really immediate, both for tweaking sounds and live performance.

Here’s a no-talking audio demo of the Yamaha CK sound engine:


  • Sound selection from the Yamaha CP Stage Piano and YC Stage Keyboard
  • Organ engine and control from the reface YC
  • Analog to Digital (A/D) Input for a mic or another instrument
  • Extensive onboard effects
  • 1-to-1 interface with dedicated effects and synth control
  • Built-in speakers
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Battery power

For an in-depth introduction, here’s Yamaha’s Tech Talk on the CK Series:

Pricing and Availability:

Yamaha says that the CK Series will be available in stores 4/6/2023, with the following MSRP pricing:

See the Yamaha site for more information.


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